Faggin Talk Series

Quantum Neuroscience

The potential of quantum effects, for example in anesthesia, has been reported by some of our Canadian colleagues: Radical pairs may play a role in xenon-induced general anesthesia | Scientific Reports (nature.com)  Popular accounts of this approach appear in the media , for example: State of consciousness may involve quantum effects, University of Calgary scientists show | News | University of Calgary (ucalgary.ca)  We are looking into conducting possible human experiments in this direction.  This trajectory dovetails nicely with a recent preprint where we propose that a similar mechanism may be important for lithium as a treatment for bipolar disorder: [2103.11057] Entangled radicals may explain lithium effects on hyperactivity (arxiv.org) and joins our own theoretical efforts with those of others (e.g., Michael Fischer from the Kavli Center at UC Santa Barbara).